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Digg uprising for dummies

January 1, 2009 2 comments

So here, we come across another internet or rather digg revolution/uprising whatever! This is I think happening for the 3rd or 4th time (not sure) and infact the only so called internet revolutions or so to say “Symphony of the crowds” I have seen were on Digg. Never on any other portal have i seen such integrity.
So whats the whole revolt about? Its about the existence of power users. Power users are the one who are known for bartering diggs. They be your fan like that of thousand others and then choose some articles either from the internet or some which weren’t lucky enough to get even 2-3 diggs! and submit them to digg and then ask all friends, their network or barter it to get it dugg to get it on the front page, which a normal user can only dream of! These power users are known to digg like 300 articles/hour(all bartered!) and for sure they are all fake; can u read 300 articles/hour!! I bet you cannot even 10.
Definitely, these power users have no love for content. They don’t care. So why do they do all this? Well, fame and maybe they are running online marketing portals and probably excelling at it, who knows!
So its only the power users who mostly get content on the first page which is mostly the only page viewed by thousands. Hence, the top content that we read is not exactly what needs to be at the top but some manipulated article put there by dirty means. After getting the initial kick by friends and bartering, the rest work is done by the very normal users who digg most decent articles they come across. And thats it, job done! bingo!
Most digg users now feel a need to reinvent the wheel, tweak the way digg works for it to follow democracy and not any other model which it has turned into. No matter, Digg is a wonderful website very well managed, things are now getting serious. I hope some measures are taken by the Digg staff!

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