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Ubuntu fun stuff!

June 10, 2009 2 comments

Some stuff I stumbled upon in the past few days. It may seem lame but anyway try it out! 😀

  1. Xjokes: These are some graphic jokes as the name is quite clear.
    sudo apt-get install xjokes
    After installation, type the following one by one at the terminal!
  2. Free the fish: Hit ALT + F2. This will open the run dialog box. type: free the fishLook at the cute thing on your screen. Well its good for sometime but after a while it really annoys! “Unfreeing” the free fish is not so obvious or may be i don’t know how to! Type this at the terminal ->
    killall gnome-panel
  3. gegls from outer space Same thing run this in run box.
    gegls from outer space
    and play the game. Also please comment back iof you ever complete the level 1. 😛 I don’t think anyone can finish the game.

FLash AMD64 ubuntu! phew!

After solving the graphic card problem I had (did not quite solve it! it just worked…go by the book and restart :P) I thought of making flash work in ubuntu. All the standard ones u’d probably apt-get wont make youtube videos work. Finally, I do what all ubuntu users would hate to do…yeah get the .deb and make install it. But does not provide flash support for AMD 64 systems which was really sad. So the only way out was using nspluginwrapper on the flash core packages –>

I found a web-page which has a script written to do it all. But as it says you will need getlibs before you get lucky –>

Awesome script 🙂 Videos and flash works! Things are good.

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