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Taskwarrior – task

August 21, 2010 2 comments

After looking for many simple task managers around I have finally settled with Taskwarrior

It is simple, runs on the terminal, extremely lightweight as it is just a text data file which gets created. Also you can do some pretty complicated things with this. Along with simplicity of using it and having used it, it allows for a multitude of options. It has both simple and advanced features and a developers guide to create cool/useful plugins for linking it with something else you are comfortable using.

Also, I am using Git along with it to keep my task lists in sync. Also there are tons of features along with this. It’s simply elegant. I will be trying to sync some required tasks out of these with my google calendar in case I like to be buzzed. And with googlecl this is very easily possible.

Never have my todos looked so clean! Try it for yourself!



August 20, 2010 1 comment
Googlecl is a command line way of accessing the common google services like blogger, calendar, docs, picasa, youtube and contacts(as of now I think). Personally I had always wanted this handle of changing things without all the GUI and waiting ofcourse.

For examples on what sort of things can be done through this, check out this —>

Think of all the possibilities and ease of doing complex things like uploading photos and videos and editing docs along with all the command line power 🙂 I am practically waiting for opportunities to use this extensively.

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Sage: Open Source Mathematical Software

August 12, 2010 Leave a comment
I attended Sage Days 25, India, held at IIT Bombay. Sage is an ambitious mathematical open source software written mainly in python very actively developed and has gone from just an algebraic geometry software to a giant mathematical piece of work ready to replace matlab and/or similar softwares.

Sage is growing, and growing very fast. Also with sage you can actually run maple, mathematica, etc. codes without any hiccups. The founder, developer and mathematician – William Stein has been instrumental in bringing sage to a stage where it is. Sage has basic to advanced implementations on almost all mathematical fields I have ever heard of and much more apart from that.

One thing worth mentioning is the sage web-based notebook feature. You have to try it to believe me. It’s is wonderfully easy and intuitive and just a great implementation of the so-called terminal based software into the browser itself. Anyone involved in mathematical computing, I would suggest you to try sage!

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