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easy_install vs pip

November 12, 2011 Leave a comment

After reading the following posts it was pretty clear why pip should be preferred over easy_install –>

After reading this i tried looking at —

Yes, it’s right, you have an uninstall option and things are cleaner.

I had pip installed. When I started using the pip search it said it doesn’t recognize search. I got —

pip: error: No command by the name pip search

I realized, I was using pip version 0.32 and the world had advanced too much since this was installed! pip search wasn’t available back then. This older version was due to the pip I had installed using apt-get and it would take ages for them to realize there is a new version of a particular package there(no offence, i love apt). So i removed the python-pip package and then did a

sudo easy_install pip

(probably for the last time) It reminds me my earlier days when the first thing I would do after installing windows was to open IE and download firefox!

Anyhow, so now I have pip 1.0.2 installed and it is great to search python packages, install (obviously) and uninstall (not so obvious Mr. Easy_installer) and be happy from now on!


Better git diff

November 2, 2011 Leave a comment

git diff is very good and crisp to see quickly what changed, but if you are reviewing a big non-trivial change across many files it gets a bit tedious and irritating.

So I found this post –> which basically suggests using “git difftool” instead of just “git diff”. git difftool will have some default editor as the diffing agent.

Alternatively you can also set it yourself in the gitconfig to mayber soemthing like vimdiff.

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