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Digg uprising for dummies

January 1, 2009 2 comments

So here, we come across another internet or rather digg revolution/uprising whatever! This is I think happening for the 3rd or 4th time (not sure) and infact the only so called internet revolutions or so to say “Symphony of the crowds” I have seen were on Digg. Never on any other portal have i seen such integrity.
So whats the whole revolt about? Its about the existence of power users. Power users are the one who are known for bartering diggs. They be your fan like that of thousand others and then choose some articles either from the internet or some which weren’t lucky enough to get even 2-3 diggs! and submit them to digg and then ask all friends, their network or barter it to get it dugg to get it on the front page, which a normal user can only dream of! These power users are known to digg like 300 articles/hour(all bartered!) and for sure they are all fake; can u read 300 articles/hour!! I bet you cannot even 10.
Definitely, these power users have no love for content. They don’t care. So why do they do all this? Well, fame and maybe they are running online marketing portals and probably excelling at it, who knows!
So its only the power users who mostly get content on the first page which is mostly the only page viewed by thousands. Hence, the top content that we read is not exactly what needs to be at the top but some manipulated article put there by dirty means. After getting the initial kick by friends and bartering, the rest work is done by the very normal users who digg most decent articles they come across. And thats it, job done! bingo!
Most digg users now feel a need to reinvent the wheel, tweak the way digg works for it to follow democracy and not any other model which it has turned into. No matter, Digg is a wonderful website very well managed, things are now getting serious. I hope some measures are taken by the Digg staff!

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Digg’s Recommendation Engine

Today the new beta digg’s recommendation engine got activated for my account! Well lets talk about – why the need for such an engine and how is it gonna affect the internet world.

Over many years there have been ‘n’ number of debates in the SEO world regarding which of the web-2.0 portal is the best in helping the common man’s website up in ranks; alas it was and will always be a never ending debate. But it has some true facts associated with it.

It has always been the case that majorly some news sites or some really famous sites generally get on the Digg front pages and the others which make it till there are indeed really good ones – no doubt. But there exists a comman man with not so great links but definitely worth sharing and with this sense of charity in mind he/she/it submits that little story on Digg. What happened then? Yes, these stories get lost and if lucky are dugg by 1 or 2 other comman man. But definitely, there wasn’t much of a publicity thing for a common man @ Digg until the recommendation engine was launched. People always believed that stumbleupon was the common men thing but it was too weird and relative to make any assumptions but yeah people say it does work.

But now with the launch of Digg’s recommendation engine, there is happiness everywhere 😛 – it recommends you on the basis of your past history; it recommends you nearby users(the one whose thinking is same as yours and may be the same set of things turns both of you on.) as well as stories. Basically the Recommendation Engine suggests upcoming stories by matching you with Diggers like you. Now you have much more common links to visit rather than just the recently popular and most popular links. Seriously, over years i have missed so many good links that might have interested me becuase they never turned up to me. But now we get what we like!

Awesome concept by Digg. Also it has a column on the right-hand side which lists the users whose choices were most compatible to that of yours, the concept which we first saw on – a music portal where in the songs you hear decides your taste and your compatibility with the neighbours.

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