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Error! Could not find an XML setup file in the package.(Joomla)

September 29, 2008 Leave a comment

Surely, most beginners of Joomla face this error atleast once in their life time and many keep facing them and going to forums for all the components and/or modules and/or plugins etc.. they install. This majorly results from different ways of archiving the package.

Many developers write all the code and make files and just archive the entire lot with documentation etc..and zip all that again making it a “double zipped” archive. This is probably not someone’s mistake but convention error. People just directly upload these files and try to install the package. And hence the error  shows up.

Here is what you do! Just open the archive once and check if it contains other archive named com_…. or mod_… etc. Most of the times with this error this is the case. Just need to upload only that archive and you’re done. So just peep into the files once.

Other case would be that there are no XML files actually. Mostly this doesn’t happen because we do not expect someone to make packages without setup. But if this happens only thing you can do is actually write an XML setup file, validate it and then put it in the appropriate folder.

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