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Better git diff

November 2, 2011 Leave a comment

git diff is very good and crisp to see quickly what changed, but if you are reviewing a big non-trivial change across many files it gets a bit tedious and irritating.

So I found this post –> which basically suggests using “git difftool” instead of just “git diff”. git difftool will have some default editor as the diffing agent.

Alternatively you can also set it yourself in the gitconfig to mayber soemthing like vimdiff.

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October 12, 2009 Leave a comment

2 days back I was face to face with awesomeness! I came across vimperator It is a vim-inspired Firefox extension designed to provide a more efficient user interface for keyboard-fluent users.

Here is the official project webpage link

Vimperator listens to his master – You can write scripts and plugins to help yourself and vimperator will act matured. Also it is highly configurable and you can change almost anything

A quick start tutorial – which will help you get started!


.vimrc config file

July 2, 2008 2 comments

Here is my vimrc file.Before vim starts, it reads the configuration file .vimrc (if available – not present by default) present in the root folder. vim is heavily customizable and you can even write some scripts within this config file. This very attribute makes it really the best editor for most purposes, specially for programming and scripting purposes. Lets tweak it a bit and make it more happening!

To create or read the existing one do this
$ vim ~/.vimrc
Its advisable to have the package vim-full

To have a look at my .vimrc file visit this url :
Save this txt file and rename it as .vimrc and place it in your root folder.

To get an explanation on each of the line written in the config file visit the following Reference :

PS : i will elaborate more on some of the features mentioned in the vimrc and also how to create your own colorscheme for your vim editor.

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