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easy_install vs pip

November 12, 2011 Leave a comment

After reading the following posts it was pretty clear why pip should be preferred over easy_install –>

After reading this i tried looking at —

Yes, it’s right, you have an uninstall option and things are cleaner.

I had pip installed. When I started using the pip search it said it doesn’t recognize search. I got —

pip: error: No command by the name pip search

I realized, I was using pip version 0.32 and the world had advanced too much since this was installed! pip search wasn’t available back then. This older version was due to the pip I had installed using apt-get and it would take ages for them to realize there is a new version of a particular package there(no offence, i love apt). So i removed the python-pip package and then did a

sudo easy_install pip

(probably for the last time) It reminds me my earlier days when the first thing I would do after installing windows was to open IE and download firefox!

Anyhow, so now I have pip 1.0.2 installed and it is great to search python packages, install (obviously) and uninstall (not so obvious Mr. Easy_installer) and be happy from now on!

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